I just make it look good.


20 years young, born and grew up in Woking, Surrey, UK.
Highly motivated creative developer with a growing portfolio and experience.


I have developed, designed & SEO'd websites for multiple clients while at College / University. HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Jquery, NodeJS, PHP are some of the languages I have worked with.


I have been making graphics since I got my first copy of Adobe Photoshop in 2006. Some of the content I have made in Photoshop includes: Backgrounds, Logos, Web Graphics, Graphics for Android Applications and more.


I have been programming for about 7 years now and I have learnt a range of different languages including: C, C++, C#, Java, Python, LUA, PHP, NodeJS.


I have been a keen photographer for about 5 years after buying a DSLR and have developed my knowledge, which has lead me to getting some incredible photos (See my Flickr).


In recent years, I have gotten into making short travel films whenever I go travelling. I have now purchased a Go Pro Hero6 and a Mavic Pro drone for filming my adventures.


I am competent with Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro and Audition which allows me to edit my short films with stunning effects and transitions.



I am still unsure about whether I will complete a Masters in Computer Science, but for now I am working and will make the decision further down the road.


I have a First-Class Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Coventry University, which taught me a great amount of valuable knowledge that I am applying in my job at Keysight.


I went to SJB (Saint John the Baptist) Sixth Form and completed my A-levels. I learnt a lot from my double ICT course and it is what kicked off my interest in Computer Science.


Since graduating from University, I have gone back to Keysight (formally Anite Plc) and I have returned to a similar role as in my placement year. I am heavily involved in the Pre-5G / 5G NR development.


I have designed and developed multiple websites amongst other things for clients from all over the UK. The furthest being a Pub and Restaurant in Argyll, Scotland. I completed these while at College and University and now in my spare time while working.


During my placement year at University I completed a year long internship at Anite Plc (Now Keysight). I learnt far more than I was expecting and I have realised there is no better way to learn than working in the industry.


I worked my summer holiday at Quintec when I was 15/16 years old as a Software Engineer. I mainly worked with PHP and SQL databases to produce HTML reports for a piece of software. I learnt a huge amount about SQL, PHP and HTML during the summer internship and it really kick-started my love for Computing at a higher and more complex level.


I had a week's work experience at Iris when I was 15 to experience what working in industry was like. I spent a day with each department of the company and learnt a huge amount about how a company runs and operates under each department. I of course was mostly interesting in the Software Engineers, but the IT technicians that manage all the hardware of the office was also very interesting to learn about.


See my latest Projects.

Machine Learning Approach to Authorship Identification

My University Dissertation project uses a Machine Learning Neural Network, specifically a Feed Forward Neural Network to see how accurate it can be when attempting to identify the author of an unknown sample text. It uses the Python language with Google’s Tensorflow; a Machine Learning framework to implement the Neural Network. Punctuation is the main element that is analysed in this project with some lexical techniques as well to predict the author; it doesn’t utilise vocabulary as this is something that has been done many times in other research. It uses a large dataset of Amazon Reviews (Online text) to train the Neural Network and then tests the model with testing data, returning an accuracy of the predictions. Many different tests were carried out, which involved different author set sizes, review set sizes and train/test set sizes to really see how the solution performs.


Ncrypt is a file encryption program that I developed in C#. It uses AES 256 bit encryption with PBKDF2 to generate a 256 bit key. It supports single file and folder encryption that encrypts all files within the directory. The program will store the generated key/salt along with a list of currently encrypted folders. You can add single files to a queue and encrypt them all at once, or singularly. I have also implemented a full status tracking UI that displays: files completed, time remaining, MB of data encrypted, MB/s and progress bars all in real time. You can change the rate at which the UI updates to speed up the encryption process. It is a multi-threaded application, so the encryption algorithm can encrypt your files in the background keeping the UI responsive.


Movie Info NodeJS API

Movie-Info is a project I worked on developing a NodeJS API for retrieving Movie information with the associated cinema times. It returns data in JSON and has many different queries that it can handle. It was developed using automated tests and is a REST compliant API with HATEOAS implementation.

Concurrent Rover Robot Design

In this project, I used concurrent code to automate a MARS Rover that can overcome problems autonomously. The program splits all functionalities into separate threads, allowing for each thread to only complete tasks of its intended role to ensure it follows a strong Subsumption architecture. It also, utilises condition variables thoroughly throughout the program, to ensure that when needed, a thread can block all others. For example, when it encounters a problem that is too difficult to autonomously resolve, it will block all other threads and await instruction. It can autonomously handle single wheels encountering problems as well as more complex problems involving multiple wheels having the same or different problems simultaneously. It understands the differentiation between the levels of difficulty it may face and when it cannot fix a problem it encounters by itself, then it will send a status update and await instructions.

Acute First Aid

Acute First Aid is one of the main website clients that I maintain and develop for regularly. There are often changes that need to be made and I have completely re-written and designed the site 3 times now to keep it up to date and meeting the requirements of the client. I also complete a lot of other work for the company including: course certificates, name badges, SEO, HTML email signatures, photography work and more.

See Website

Scotland - Short Film

While road tripping around the West Coast of Scotland and the Isle of Skye I made a short film covering my trip. Which covered the Isle of Skye, climbing Ben Nevis, The Waverly, Isle of Bute, Argyll Rally and more. I filmed it on the Go Pro Hero4 Black and Iphone 6s and the time-lapses were hundreds of photos taken on my DSLR and converted into video. Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Nürburgring - Short Film

I made a short film covering our road trip from the UK, through France and Belgium and into Germany to race around the famous Nürburgring track. We drove a 3-series BMW and a Subaru Impreza and the video has a focus on the cars more than the trip itself. I filmed it on the Go Pro Hero+, Go Pro Hero4 Silver and the iPhone 6s. Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Upcoming Australia/New Zealand - Short Film

I am visiting Sydney and travelling around New Zealand for a month in December 2017 and will be filming the whole trip on my Go Pro Hero6 Black, iPhone X and Mavic Pro Drone.


C# Programming
I am working on C# code every day at work, which is teaching me so much because each week I am working on different tasks and therefore I am using different aspects of the language to complete the tasks. I have also been using C# amongst other languages outside of work, an example of this is NCrypt, the encryption GUI that I have developed for encrypting files and folders with AES256 encryption.

Pre-5G / 5G NR
The focus at work at the moment is Pre-5G and I am contributing to this as I am working on the software Keysight is developing for Pre-5G. I am learning a huge amount about 5G and how beam forming, massive mimo, mm waves etc all go into the 5th generation technology. This is also teaching me a lot about previous generations as a lot of the technology is carried over.

Front-end Development
Back in 2011, when I was just starting my first year of sixth form I was approached by my head of year to make a website for a parent's company. She was looking for a student to make her a website; and as I was the head of IT in the sixth form committee I was asked to take on the job. I happily accepted and took on the project even though at the time, I had no idea how to build a website what so ever. I then spent the next couple of weeks learning everything I could about building websites so that I could develop a website for my first clients company. This is what started my passion for web development and have had many clients and website projects since that have furthered my knowledge ten-fold.

Back-end Development
I have also developed numerous backend systems, mainly for university projects as they were overkill for my client's websites. I have been working on back-end CMS (Content Management Systems), which includes full admin centers, secure login systems, databases, ability to edit front-end content, CRM's (Customer Relationship Management) and web page analytics. During my second year at university one of my modules was a real-world project; which sought companies with real projects contact the university for help. I completed a fully functional back-end system for a solar panel company that allowed them to login, store customer data securely and change front-end content all from an admin center.

Branding is another area that I focus on because I often incorporate it in when developing websites for clients. This usually means designing a logo along with graphics to boost their brand. For Acute First Aid I have done all sorts of work into building the brand up both online and offline (website, logos, email signatures, course certificates, flyers, name badges and more.

System Builds
I first built a computer back in 2011 as I needed a more powerful machine for all the work I was doing. Since then I have built 10+ systems for family members and friends and I have built up a lot of knowledge on the hardware that goes into a computer. This also has allowed me to fix computers that have issues by replacing faulty parts and upgrading parts that are outdated. My system is 4+ years old and so I will be upgrading it soon to more powerful specs.

Arduino Projects
During my third year at University I decided to buy an Arduino starter-kit and I have worked on many different projects with it since. With my background in Programming I had no issue with programming the Arduino but I hadn't done much in terms of electronics before. So getting the Arduino was a great learning experience playing around with different modules, wires, capacitors, transistors and much more. I have wired up RGB lights to the back of my monitors and have an infrared remote that I can use to alter the colours and brightness (through pulse width modulation). I am currently working on linking it with my PC so that when my CPU/GPU temps get hot/cold the RGB's turn red/blue.


People Skills

Skills & Expertise












SQL / MongoDB




JavaScript / NodeJS


Git / Linux / Integrity


PC Hardware/Building / Arduino


Machine Learning - Tensorflow


Adobe Suite


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